Tenam Corporation is the US representative of TENEX, a leading global supplier of nuclear fuel cycle products and back-end materials, works and services.

As one of TENEX’s five wholly owned subsidiaries, Tenam supports TENEX’s marketing and sales of nuclear fuel products to US utilities, as well as its interaction with US government agencies and NGO’s involved in nuclear energy matters. Together with all Rosatom companies, we adhere to the strict operating principles, ethical standards and internal control system modeled on the UK’s Bribery Act 2010.

Local presence

TENAM was created to give TENEX a local presence in the US market and provide existing and potential US customers with timely and convenient access to TENEX for all of their commercial interests. Besides US utilities, TENAM interacts with the US Department of Energy, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Department of Commerce and NGOs focused on the issues of nuclear energy. We offer the US nuclear industry a direct link to associated companies and organizations in the Russian nuclear industry.


Building upon Tenex’s long and successful history, Rosatom has designated Tenex as the global agent for marketing of backend products and services. We now offer a full range of back-end products and services, which have not previously been available in the US market.


As TENEX’s US representative, Tenam not only looks after TENEX’s traditional ‘front-end’ nuclear fuel business, but also now looks for ways to enhance the value of these contracts for US utilities by providing back-end services and expertise that have not previously been available for TENEX’s US customers.

Products and services

Tenam works closely with its customers to provide solutions specifically tailored to the needs of utilities in all market types. Tenam offers its customers unequaled access to the world’s leading enrichment technology, competitive pricing, flexible and innovative terms of payment. With annual sales of over 60 million US dollars, Tenam maintains a reliable and long-term presence in the US market.

Having successfully finished the first National Nuclear Legacy Program and the second one underway, Rosatom companies have developed and perfected a broad range of methodologies, technologies and services in remediation, decommissioning, material disposition and waste processing, including liquid radioactive waste (LRW) and sludge treatment, monitoring and risk assessment of contaminated ocean waters to name a few.

All national standards and regulations of decommissioning and restoration are based on IAEA recommendations and other international guidelines.

We offer a wide range of the nuclear industry related materials, including rare earth metals and unique allows and elements. For further details, please contact Tatyana Elleman directly at tatyana.elleman@tenam-usa.com or 202-772-3581

Please contact us with any questions you have about TENAM

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